In this week’s episode, Chris talks about how to establish a set of core field staff recapping metrics that will accurately serve as the record of your experiential activation. This is done with the long-term planning of developing a benchmarking database in mind. And in doing so, Chris recommends a set of metrics that will serve for future strategy development and clear benchmark comparisons for future campaigns.

All in, 17 metrics are reviewed and recommended:

1. Year

2. Number of product variants

3. Nature of Onsite Activity

4. Budget

5. Typical Product/ Service Price Point

6. Annual Customer Value

7. Event Days

8. Sum of Attendance

9. Activation Hours

10. Staffing Hours

11. Interactions

12. Samples Distributed

13. Consumers Sampled

14. Hand Sales

15. Incremental Customers Gained

16. Campaign Return-on-Investment (ROI)

17. Industry Categories (internal and NAICS)

Make sure you listen to the podcast for a definition of these metrics and why they are important.

Questions about any of this?

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