In Episode 15 the podcast addressed what questions experiential marketers should ask field staff.  This episode continues with this line of thinking to address the best event survey questions to ask of consumers. 

Questions such as, “How do we count impact?” or “The best time to gather onsite consumer data” are addressed.  (Hint: It’s while the consumer is still on site.)  All of this is done in the context of building your in-house benchmarking database.

The following core consumer metrics are discussed:

1.     Date, including the day of the week

2.     Time survey is collected

3.     Is the survey a “control” or a “test” group?

4.     Gender

5.     Year of birth

6.     Are there children in the household?

7.     Product awareness

8.     Purchase

9.     Recommendation

10.  Event Type

Chris highlights that while all ten consumer metrics are important, there are three that you’ll find you can’t live without.

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