Chris continues the discussion on Satisfaction Research in this podcast by discussing how to track or monitor satisfaction. The process should always start with a comprehensive research effort to identify the areas where change is needed, the specifics of what matters, and the magnitude of impact you can expect when you address points of pain. But once the KPIs have been established and customer centric initiatives have been initiated, tracking becomes an important part of the management process.

In this podcast Chris discusses how to develop effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the things to keep in mind when developing a tracking survey.

1. Effective KPI’s are

a. Actionable

b. Understandable

c. Empowering to your staff

2. Key thoughts on how to compose a Tracking Survey

a. Should contain 6-10 simple questions

b. Either relationship or transaction based

c. Questions should be based on KPIs

d. Questions should reveal demographic information

e. Outcome variables

f. Warm email invitation with valuable information

g. Establish a cadence to analyze and share data with team and customer.

“Measure things as often as you think they will change”

– Chris Clegg

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