This is Part Two of a two-part interview with Matthew Carle Executive Vice President at rEvolution.

In this episode, Matt and Chris get right into how they uncovered the statistical link between experiential marketing consumer engagements with sales at a regional level and used these findings to shape and develop a national campaign that lasted years.

The two also get into:

  • Six-Thirty AM Conference Calls: …and why this weekly meeting was no problem because it was for the right reasons.
  • Two Types of Clients: There are Clients who just want to data and then there are Clients who expect you to be an analyst. Chris and Matt discuss how important it is to know which one you’re working with.
  • Flipping the Script: How Matt uses data and Client status calls to be a celebration of outcomes (and not defense).
  • Longtail Brands: What they are; how they’re born; and why know this makes you a better marketer.

The role of data in marketing has evolved. Matt and Chris wrap up this episode talking about how every company needs to be a data company or they’ll quickly watch the innovators pass them by.

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