Mathematics is one thing, but almost more important to the practice of any data work is having the conceptual framework from which to approach any data project. In this episode, Chris provides an overview of three ideas that provide just such a framework:

  • Crafting a data plan for better decision making
  • How to apply the idea of “Management by Exception” to your reporting
  • Developing reports/ dashboards with “Ranking and Diagnostics” in mind

After this brief introduction, Chris dives deep into the idea of using data for better decision making. In this podcast you’ll get the information you need to start out on a data project with the confidence it will yield value when complete.

You’ll learn about… 

  • How to apply the three rules for causality to your project to assure actionable results
  • The metrics that matter the most and why. (Hint: It has everything to do with the decisions we need to make in business every day.)
  • What “cause” and “effect” variables look like, and which ones we have total control over (and which ones we don’t)
  • The basics of analysis and how to analyze multiple variables at once for actionable insights
  • How many cases or data points you need to feel confident your findings are statistically relevant.

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