A sociologist who plays with numbers in a commercial setting is a marketer. And in this first podcast episode, Chris takes a few minutes to introduce himself as such. You’ll hear him confess to his biases and reveal the four principals he uses to tell the future.

If you listened to this short introduction, you’ll hear about the following:

How is it that numbers are figments of our imagination yet follow rules? And more importantly how do we harness the power this represents? 

There are four principles that, if accepted, will let you tell the future:

  • Anything in the known universe can be counted
  • Anything you can count, you can graph
  • Graphs of human behavior or perspective will always contain patterns
  • Patterns by their nature show us the future

And so, data scientists who practice marketing practice the art of telling the future. Chris breaks this idea down with some personal stories and philosophies by way of introduction.