In this episode, Chris outlines the three business questions to ask when measuring the value of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is a revenue-generating tool for the brands we serve. The problem is proving it. Since 2010 PortMA has been focused on solving this problem for marketing agencies and brands.

The goal has always been one singular focus: How to measure the value of experiential marketing?  By applying simple marketing research principles, we cracked the code and have an approach that has worked for literally hundreds of experiential marketing campaigns. 

Three Core Questions

Chris postulates that the answer to “how to measure Experiential Marketing” has everything to do with understanding “Reach,” “Impact,” and “Value or ROI.” Chris suggests this is about focusing your marketing analysis around three key questions:

1.    How efficiently am I reaching the right consumers?

2.    Am I creating intent where it didn’t previously exist?

3.    Am I doing this in a way that is generating a positive ROI for the brand and under what circumstances is the ROI strongest?

Chris argues that you can measure, track, and react to your performance against these three questions you are working in a value-centric manner and are thus true stewards of the brands you serve.