This is the second part of a two-part podcast featuring an interview with Andy Plax (the first part is here). In this second half of the interview, Chris and Andy discuss how agencies get going with measurement, where measurement platforms are headed, and what the role of AI/ Machine Learning can or should play.

You’ll find a brief yet in-depth discussion around the following:

  • Agency Barriers to Getting Started. Andy suggests the most common hurdle any agency has when working to get things started with a solid campaign management system is how to make things easy for their field staff. This idea is explored.
  • How Different Agencies Organize Their Data. The question of data hierarchies is discussed with Chris and Andy sharing their perspective as consultants working with dozens of different agencies, all with different styles and areas of expertise.
  • The Role of AI and Machine Learning. As Andy puts it, “No one has ever come to the table saying they want less insights from their data.” But hear why now might not be the right time for AI functions on the front end of Campaign Management Dashboards but may be past-due when it comes to back-end processing.


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